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Listen Up!

Develop student voice on climate change

This project focuses on developing empathetic listening skills in students, so that they are able to effectively communicate with adults when discussing their thoughts and feelings about climate change.

The below activity pack is designed in three separate parts:

  • Part 1: Students explore Active Listening, why it is important and how it links to child rights
  • Part 2: Students design a virtual or in-person event where they invite adults to listen to their thoughts on climate change
  • Part 3: Students present their concerns, learnings and solutions to adults and decide on a positive climate action

Students will:

  • Identify the ways to be an active listener
  • Understands why active listening is important for the achievement of child rights & the Global Goals
  • Clearly communicate their thoughts and feelings about climate change

This resource has been made in partnership with UNICEF.

Learning Activities
Ages 8-14 - (Upper Primary/lower secondary/middle school )
Protecting Planet Earth
< 1 hour

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