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Our Partners

From grassroots to international NGOs, we partner with organisations all over the world. We share values and a common mission to work together to reach as many children and teachers as possible. A special thanks to everyone who continues to help make this work possible.

Lead Partners

With special thanks to


We ask you to commit to two of the following:

1. Providing social media support. If you have more than 10k followers across your social media platforms, you commit to providing social media support during the months of September 1st to November 30th 2021 by sharing a minimum of 5 of our posts. You would need to tag us in your posts and share your reach figures with us.

2. Use our content to reach more than 1000 students, sharing your stories and evidence of impact and photos – this could be through your own network of educators, through a youth organisation activation or an employee volunteering scheme etc…

3. Run an SDGs after-school club using our resources, including generating a change project that you share with us. We can then showcase it as an example of student action

4. Other. Let us know what you were thinking…

As a network partner we will support you on social media, help promote your accounts and the work you are doing with children. You could even be featured in our newsletter which reaches over 60,000 subscribers. We can also provide you with bespoke digital WLL certificates that you can print to include your branding for sharing with students you introduce to the World’s Largest Lesson.

Become a Partner

We work with education organisations all over the world. If you’re interested in partnering with us, get in touch! Please note we don’t partner with individual schools or teachers, but please do contact us with any questions and join our newsletter for our latest news and opportunities.

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