Take Action On Hunger

There are lots of different types of action that children and young people can take in the fight against Hunger.
Some are quick and you can do them in the classroom, some you can do at home or in groups. There is something for everyone.
Don’t forget to add what you’ve done to our map!

  • Use your Creativity Against Hunger

    Can you use your creative skills to support action on hunger. Can you write persuasive letters, make films, write songs? We'd love to see what you do www.Flipgrid.com/globalvoice

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  • Have fun, get smarter, help end hunger.

    Play Freerice to hone your general knowledge and to feed those in need at the same time. For each correct answer you give, the banner ad that you see generates enough money for the World Food Programme to buy 10 grains of rice to help reach Zero Hunger.

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  • Get Active And Save Lives With Kid Power Up

    Get active and save lives! Each time you complete a UNICEF Kid Power Up track, you’ll unlock a packet of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF). UNICEF uses RUTF to treat children suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

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  • Take Inspiration From Others!

    Young people across the globe have already taken action against hunger in many different ways. There are lots of ideas to use as inspiration for your own action.

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  • Design for Change Take Action

    Create Your Own Hunger Action Project with Design for Change

    Design For Change offers teachers and childrens’ group leaders a structured way to empower children to take action, make change for themselves and share it with children across the world. Children can use a planning framework to create a hunger project for themselves where they live and then share it.

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  • Set Up A Fuel For School Project

    Remove one barrier to learning by creating a sustainable breakfast programme. With Fuel for school, waste food is turned into breakfast for every child at school and no one starts the day hungry.

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  • Host A Hunger Banquet

    Bring inequality to life in your school or community by hosting a hunger banquet.
    This unique and memorable event allows organisers and participants alike to experience
    first hand how our decisions affect others in the world.

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  • Host A Meal Packing Event

    Take part in a hands-on international hunger relief programme coordinating the assembly-line packaging of highly nutritious dehydrated meals comprised of rice, soy, vegetables and 23 essential vitamins and minerals.

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  • Share The Meal with Your Pocket Money

    Share the Meal is the world's first app against global hunger. Find out more about where food is needed and give just a little to feed a child for a day. You can even share a picture of your own meal to encourage your friends to join in too.

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  • World Vision

    30 Hour Famine

    Set up your own "30 Hour Famine". The idea is simple: go without food for a set number of hours and ask those around you to sponsor you to help in the fight against hunger

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