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One of the amazing members of the Advisory Panel which is made up of children from 18 different countries around the world, shared their amazing work for the Global Goals.


Here, Ishan, explains what he is doing to take action for the Global Goals.


”Hello, My name is Ishan Dhodapkar and I started a project called the T1D project. Our main aim is to spread awareness on type 1 diabetes.

The T1D project is an initiative/project that aims to spread awareness strictly on type 1 diabetes. We started this project because type 1 diabetes is not talked about as much. When someone thinks of diabetes, their mind usually goes to type 2 diabetes. We want more people to be aware of type 1 diabetes and therefore we decided to start spreading awareness.



We specifically decided to start spreading awareness on type 1 diabetes because the incidence rates have been increasing drastically in the last few years, especially since the pandemic. India currently has the most number of type 1 diabetes cases and being students who live in India, we decided to do our part by starting to spread awareness in our local areas.




Our mission is very simple. To spread awareness on type 1 diabetes in children. We don’t want them to be affected by the symptoms and we want them to avoid any severe complications from this condition. This can all be achieved by spreading awareness. We have also been able to scale our initiative, allow our volunteers to work under different segments, host events and even raise money.


We have been active for nearly 9 months, and we want to continue on our journey of spreading awareness on type 1 diabetes.

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