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Youth Panel Taking Action: Mar


The Advisory Panel is made up of children from 18 different countries around the world, all of whom share their ideas and feedback on how WLL can help to support children take action for the Global Goals. We’ll be highlighting the work these amazing group are doing throughout the year – so look out for future updates!

Here, Mar from Spain, explains what her school is doing to take action for the Global Goals.

“Hello! In my school we are doing many projects to make the world a better place. First of all, my school is a green school, we recycle a lot, we have many different coloured containers to distinguish what garbage goes there.

For example, in the blue bin we put in paper.

In the yellow bin we throw in juice and milk containers to be recycled.

We are also doing projects in class to learn how the planet is changing, because it’s changing very fast and we have to stop it.

In Science class we are doing a project of water. We are talking about the quality of water in our cities and the scarcity of water in some places. We are learning a lot. Now we know that a lot of women and children, around the world have to walk many hours every day to obtain drinkable water.

In English class we asked our parents and grandparents questions, by doing this we could see that the world has changed a lot since our parents and grandparents were younger. Now there’s more pollution and the air is more polluted so this affects our health. We are making actions to reduce pollution in our cities and to have better health. How much the planet has changed has encouraged us to try to improve it, each one doing an action to save the world.”

Our school goal is to reduce pollution around the planet. We think that if we reduce pollution in schools, we can contribute a small part to improving the world!”


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