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Youth Panel Taking Action: Dharma

World’s Largest Lesson has recently created a Youth Advisory Panel!

The Advisory Panel is made up of children from 18 different countries around the world, all of whom share their ideas and feedback on how WLL can help to support children take action for the Global Goals. We’ll be highlighting the work these amazing group are doing throughout the year – so look out for future updates!

Here, Dharma aged 11 from Jordan, explains how she takes action for the Global Goals by supporting the Green Wheels initiative and why she thinks taking care of our planet is important. 

“Green Wheels is an initiative that helps poor and disabled kids in Jordan as well as helping to heal the planet at the same time. “Green” in Green Wheels stands for helping the planet and spreading green all over the world, and “Wheels” stands for the wheelchairs that we help to buy. The idea is simple. We collect disposable plastic items such as the caps from water bottles, soda cans and more. Once we have a large amount we sell them to factories to recycle them. Then Green Wheels uses this money to buy wheelchairs for disabled children as well as other essential supplies. I have been collecting plastic items for over two years now.

My favourite part in taking action for the Global Goals is motivating the people around me in my community to collect plastic bottle caps. I feel really proud when I receive items collected by toddlers and younger children because I feel like I have played a part in helping them to understand how to protect our planet and each other. 

My goal is to save the planet!”


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