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The 2022 World’s Largest Lesson in Hungary was organized for the eighth time by PontVelem Nonprofit Kft. between 3th and 7th October 2022, on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior as project manager, with the professional support of the Hungarian National Committee of UNESCO, the UNICEF Hungarian Committee and the National Council for Sustainable Development.

This year nearly 600 Hungarian schools with 15 000 pupils have registered for the program series of WLL.

The program was linked to the European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW), which took place between 18th September and 6th October 2022. The purpose of the series of events is to promote sustainable development and global sustainability goals with the broad involvement of society. The coordinating organization of ESDW in Hungary is the National Sustainable Development Council.

The press opening event of the WLL took place the week before the program week, on the 30th of September 2022, between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. at the Győr SZC Baksa Kálmán Bilingual High School. According to tradition, the opening interactive lesson for students aged 14-18 was held by an internationally well-known sustainability specialist, Katalin Czippán, who dedicated to the topic.

More than 300 students participated in the lesson personally, and several thousand students followed the lesson online – as the lesson was streamed live throughout the entire Carpathian Basin. Katalin Czippán talked about the individual responsibility in reducing sustainability problems, and she also answered questions from the students. The opening lesson is available online (only in Hungarian). Another important event related to the opening event was the II. Győr Climate EXPO.



The organizers helped teachers participating in the WLL with online webinar training and a teacher’s guide containing some methodological steps of the program. The success and quality of the program were measured by a teacher questionnaire at the end of the program series.

UN experts prepared different lesson plans and additional teaching aids for the highlighted topics of the WLL. These documents were available for all teachers in English and Hungarian in online downloadable form, furthermore, the authors of the Hungarian Green Earth textbook about sustainability also supported the program with relevant lesson plans. The lesson plans are only available online and can be downloaded from the website, they are printed locally at the school.

The main topic of the WLL in 2022 was Nr. 4. Quality education. On this topic, lesson plans for 3 age groups were available to teachers in Hungarian. In addition to these, lesson plans made in previous years of the World’s Greatest Classroom can also be used. The lesson plans recommended for 2022 were available from September 2022.


At the competition announced as part of the WLL in 2022 can participate students from any primary and secondary school in Hungary and abroad registered for 2022 WLL the competition. It is possible to participate in a community activity that serves one of the Global Goals announced by the UN in 2015 or even several Goals that can be implemented at the local level. The schools can choose from specific topics or implement their ideas.

Entries can be submitted in 3 age categories:

1-4. grade
5-8. grade
9-12. grade

A total of HUF 900,000 will be awarded to the students who submitted the best entries selected by the professional jury. The best entries will be published on the Hungarian website of the World’s Largest Lesson.

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