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Global Goals Teaching Project

In 2019, we collaborated with Nord Anglia Education on a Global Goals Teaching Project. The aim was to raise awareness of the Global Goals in younger students, through a series of peer-led teaching lessons. Older students acted as “student-teachers” and delivered three different lessons on the SDGs.

The Global Goals Teaching Project initial aim was to understand whether learning about the Global Goals had a positive impact on participants as well as the student teachers. All student-teachers and participants were asked to take a pre and post-test survey before and after the Global Goals Teaching Project.  The student-teachers were also asked to document their experience through a series of diary entries.

Schools from China, USA, Cambodia, Qatar and the UAE took part. After participating in the project:

  • 84% of student-teachers strongly agreed that they understood what the Global Goals are and what they are trying to achieve.
  • 100% of student-teachers agreed or strongly agreed that the Global Goals were important to them
  • 100% of student-teachers agreed or strongly agreed that the world needs the Global Goals
  • 92% of student-teachers agreed or strongly agreed that they could make a positive difference in their community

“Overall, it was an enjoyable and very entertaining experience, which displayed to me just how capable and excited young people are to get involved in something bigger than themselves.”

Student-teacher, Nord Anglia International School, Dubai

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