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Fellowship Programme with Empatico

This year we collaborated with Empatico to develop a fellowship programme to connect educators and students from around the world with each other and learn about the Global Goals together.

Educators were connected to a partner teacher and over the course of online interactions with their partner class, students were introduced to the Global Goals, and shared ideas on how they could take action for the Goals in and outside their classrooms.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 causing school closures throughout 2020, the fellowship was cut short. However, our fellows did an incredible job adapting learning to fit around this incredibly disruptive time for students. In total 30 incredible educators completed our 2020 Fellowship.

Hear from one of our successful fellows Vanashree Nair to learn more:

“From locating the country on the world map to learning everything about that country was what we did for the next few and got prepared for our first exchange.

On the day of our first exchange when we finally got to see our new friends, we felt so happy and we’re really enthusiastic about learning new things together. Later on, the partner class showed their classroom and their best out of waste art works and exchanged the current understanding of SDG’s.

As the discussion moved further, we understood the role of a SDG Goalkeeper and pledged to be one, for our own community. We decided to focus on reducing our paper wastage and plastic consumption rates within our own classroom. This experience was something my kids have never gotten from any sort of textbook out there. 

It was so nice to see Mumtahima who happened to be a Teach for Bangladesh fellow, working so hard in her classroom and thus providing her kids with international exposure. Her classroom was extremely beautiful and the kind of love and compassion she operated within her classroom inspired me and motivated me to incorporate love as a core theme in our classroom as well.

I have found a friend in Mumtahina who has always enquired about me and my kids and has always shown love and care towards my kiddos. Through the respectful lesson planning session, WhatsApp chats and frequent emails we have got to learn more about each other. This trans-border experience has changed my thoughts about relationships and virtual learning.

I have recommended the fellowship to a couple of friends already. I would like to continue teaching my kids more about SDGs and to run a project within the community along with my kids which would be based on the SDGs aligned with the problems that persist in the community.”

Thank you to all our 2020 Fellows!

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