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Celebrating the Achievements of the World’s Largest Lesson’s Youth Advisory Panel

Empowering Youth to Shape Sustainable Education

For the past six months, we have been working with 17 students aged between 11-14 years old from 15 different countries to provide their feedback and advice on our work. The experience has been nothing short of valuable, with students of diverse ages and backgrounds sharing their ideas and perspectives on how we can enhance our materials and better meet the minds of amazing students worldwide.

As an organization committed to sustainable development learning, we recognize the importance of involving students at every stage of our campaigns. The Youth Advisory Panel was aimed at giving young people a voice in shaping our work around the Halftime moment for the Global Goals. Through virtual meetings, students shared their thoughts on our existing materials, experienced harnessing the power of data around the Global Goals to drive activism, suggested new topics and activities, provided valuable feedback behind the scenes, and even participated in creating a mood board to shape a lesson plan coming soon.

We were amazed by the quality and depth of their input, which showed a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities of sustainable development learning. We wrapped up this cohort in April 2024, and had a festive graduation ceremony to celebrate the moment with students and their teachers and family members who have supported their students throughout their participation on the panel.

The impact of this project was significant. It keeps reminding us about the value of involving students in the development process and how their insights can bring new perspectives to the table. They challenged us to think outside the box in terms of how we present our learning materials, and we learned that learners are looking for more hands-on learning that empowers them to take action rather than simply share knowledge on world problems. The project also highlighted the growing importance of topics such as social justice, cultural diversity, gender equality, and climate action to young people.

As for the impact on the students themselves, members of the youth advisory panel found strength in each other as they explored their community’s needs together. They came up with creative plans that matter to all of them. As they move forward, these young people are leading the charge, building a movement that continues to grow and inspire. Their joint efforts create lasting change, making their community a better place for everyone.

The WLL Youth Advisory Panel project has had a remarkable impact on our organization and the future of education. Moving forward, we are excited to continue working with a new Youth Advisory Panel cohort and welcoming new members to the table. We believe that this project has been a great success in empowering young people to shape our work, and we are committed to making it an ongoing initiative. 

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