Resources for teaching the SDGs in Nigeria

In the week of the 14th October educators and youth volunteers will join together for the first time to introduce Nigeria’s children to the SDGs. Working together with the Special Assistant to the President SDGs and the Federal Ministy of Education we have localised and translated resources for teaching and created a free, Nigeria focussed training course for teachers to introduce them to the Goals and teach them.

Please help us reach as many children in Nigeria:

If you are a teacher :

If you are a youth volunteer

  •  and would like to help in the week of the 14th October  Click here  
  • and would like to volunteer to run an after school club – teaching the SDGs in more depth and encouraging students to create local community action projects for the Goals. Click here.

Free resources are available in 4 languages for Nigeria below. If you can’t teach a full lesson just teach something about the SDGs  – show a film or the poster from your phone or talk about the problems that students see for themselves in Nigeria and describe the SDGs as a solution to these problems.

When you have taught a lesson we would love you to let us know by marking yourself on this map