DAY 5 OF GAWE : Mareike Hachemer gives workshop in Hamburg on how to #teachSDGs

When Mareike Hachemer takes a trip to Hamburg ( a city in northern Germany ) it is not to go sightseeing… but rather to make sure that the #teachSDGs movement continues to grow. Sharing her experience about how to teach students about the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development, she empowers other teachers and schools to include the SDG´s into their curriculum.

Below, is Mareike´s report about the teacher workshop on GAWE2017 Day 3

Fantastic professional development today! At Zukunftswerkstatt Oberstufe in Hamburg, I presented a keynote, a morning and an afternoon workshop. The schools concept for the day was exactly what professional development should be like: All teachers involved to initiate change together! And: All student representatives from each class and course. About the same amount of students and teachers listening to my keynote about teacher-student-relationship, the perceived crisis in the classroom, when teachers and students sometimes lose purpose and silently suffer from the state of the world, then glimpses into the inspiring work of fellow teachers who change the world with their (older) students, ages 15-20 from all around the world and – finally – the Global Goals and Global Citizenships as concepts that can help us out of the education and world crisis. 

In our workshops we discussed how to introduce the Global Goals to individual and combined subjects, the school community and how to achieve inner-school peace. I was amazed with the answers: One student said: „You talked about raising the status of the teaching profession. Now, I want to do the same with the status of student representatives. We’d do a much better job, if we knew about our impact!“ Another one was totally puzzled: „We worked WITH our teachers today! And we found out: They actually want the same things that we want!“ Teachers and students came up with ideas for a more sustainable fairtrade cafeteria, a school yard with gardening, a culture of respect, local and global cooperation opportunities, a Global Goal theme for a school year, and they express their need for more common activities like going on field trips and travelling together. Teachers were keen to learn more about the work other teachers do and want to reach out! I’m incredibly thankful that I was a part of this and learned: Professional development in schools should include students as often as possible. Working on concepts TOGETHER creates mutual understanding and helps everyone involved understand WHY we do WHAT we do! My favorite quote today: „We would we teach ANYTHING that doesn’t contribute to making the world a better place?“ ” #professionaldevelopment #teachersANDstudents #GAWE2017 #StandUpForEducation