DAY 4 OF GLOBAL ACTION WEEK FOR EDUCATION , Part 2: Preparing for final exams

GAWE2017 Day 4

With my students in Year 13 I went through their oral exam today. An exam is always stressful for a teacher as well, I have to say. There is a lot to prepare and you really don’t want anything to go wrong. This oral exam is a rather recent change to our assessment culture: The main exams used to be all written tests. A few years ago that was changed and now the advanced foreign languages classes in Hessen all replace one written exame with an oral one. 

We prepared for globalization: Cultural, economical, technological globalziation, climate change and international peace making. My students did a lot of research and critical thinking, focused on current events, improved their speaking skills. In the exam I gave them a quote by Maria Montessori: „It’s the role of education to provide the peace. The role of politics is to keep us out of war.“ My students discussed whether it needs soldiers to end wars, how education can connect us globally, how they can contribute to an educated, peaceful world. They also told us about their plans, for when they leave school this summer. One of thems said, she’ll be working with underpriviledged children in Germany, another one is going to do social work in Nicaragua. I couldn’t be more proud of them.