Day 3 of GAWE, Part 2 : What does it look like to work for a german Ministry of Education ?

GAWE2017 Day 3


On Tuesdays I work at the Ministry of Education’s Department of European and International Affairs. What I do? I give out funding from the European Union to vocational schools to improve on digital learning options and sustainable energies. Vocational schools can apply for funding for electro-engines and solar panels. Also, we meta-coordinate international exchange programmes for students and educators with about 100 countries. School exchanges are very popular in Germany. There are connections to almost every corner of the world as well. 

We have a school development programme that we are very proud of: Our Europaschulen focus on international connections, personalized learning and professional development. Their projects often focus on sustainable development and global citizenship. Today I’m working on a letter to our Europaschulen to encourage them to include the Global Goals into their curricula. It would fit them so well! And I believe that for the teachers and students to know that they are part of a movement with thousands of others working on achieving the Global Goals as well, is going to motivate them even more. 
Here, at the Ministry, I often get to talk to teachers who work on inspiring projects. Recently, I was contacted by a teacher who makes prosthesis with his students for children in Uganda. To me, he and his students are stars of the Global Goals in school: They use their learning to make an impact! Imagine how the students must feel after experiencing that their work makes such a difference!
I’m also convinced all teachers and students can be agents of change.

This week, the World’s Largest Lesson is going to send out a letter to Ministers of Education worldwide ?. During the last years some of them have taught a World’s Largest Lesson. I hope that all Ministers of Education can get on board , #StandUpForEducation encourage teachers to focus on actions that help us achieve the SDGs . Can you help convince your Minister?”  #GAWE2017