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Developing Student Voice for Red Nose Day

This student led learning experience links global learning to Red Nose Day in a 4-part 30-minute lesson plan series. A lesson plan for each day in the lead up to Red Nose Day on Friday March 18th, 2022.

Learning objectives:

  • Students will learn about how money raised for Red Nose Day supports projects here in the UK and across the world. This will be linked to the Global Goals.
  • Learn about and research some of the young activists around the world raising awareness for these issues.
  • Students will explore active listening, why it is important and how active listening can be a useful tool to help tackle important issues.

The activity pack is designed to enable students to develop their voice and discuss with adults some of the issues they have learnt about during a student organised event on Red Nose Day.


Lesson plans
10-14, 13-16, 15+
Health and Education, Peace and Justice, Poverty and Inequality
1-3 hours

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