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Creative Climate Action in India! 🌏🎨

Supporting young people in India in becoming Climate Changemakers! World’s Largest Lesson has collaborated with Slam Out Loud to engage children through WhatsApp to make sure no one is left behind, especially while COVID-19 leaves so many children unable to attend school in person.

Below are 5 new learning activities, based on the different elements of nature: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Through meditation, poetry traditional Indian folk tales, storytelling and visual art activities, children can make deeper connections with nature and share their thoughts about it.

There are two ways to get involved:

  1. Share these activities with students and when complete, ask them to take action by sharing why this learning is important to them directly on our Climate Changemakers website. This can be in written form or uploaded as a visual expression.
  2. If students don’t have access to digital tools for learning, they can use this WhatsApp number: +919267979278 to share their expressions and actions directly with us. They can also join this WhatsApp Group to receive updates on the activities.

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