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Global Goals Week Action Plan!

The Global Goals Week Action Plan is a toolkit of activities for children to take action in support of the Global Goals.

As this week (20th-24th September) marks the 6th anniversary of the Global Goals, each activity offers children a range of different ways in which they can support the Goals. The activities can all be done in person or online, collaboratively or individually, helping every child to use their voice to demand change and stand up for the Global Goals!

Day 1Climate Changemakers – Invite students to write 100 words explaining why learning about the climate crisis is important to them.

Day 2Gender Equality Project – Help students to understand what gender (in)equality looks like where you live.

Day 3Artivism for Nature –  Introduce students to what it means to be Nature Positive and use their creativity for change!

Day 4Social Justice – The world is not equal. Is that fair? Invite students to learn about the life and experience of someone who is different from them. Invite them to put themselves in their shoes and see what life is like from their perspective.

Day 5Voices for Change –  Students add their voice by describing what change they want to see in the world. Every voice matters.

Click on each of the links above to take you to the activities. Share photos of your student learning with the #GlobalGoalsWeek

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