Mareike Hachemer- Day 2 of Global Action Week For Education

#GAWE2017 Day 2

It’s Monday. The day after Sunday. And therefore one of the most difficult nights for a teacher like me. Sunday night is often rather sleepless. Too many ideas going on. And I notice that with regards to teaching, almost everything is always urgent. 
Global Action Week for Education 2017 is about holding all stakeholders accountable for Quality Education for Everyone, education which should be public, equitable, inclusive and free. • First, I should hold myself accountable: Am I providing Quality Education? I know I’m trying. And I know I’m often failing. Be it because I usually either didn’t have enough time to sleep or to do the marking properly or to prepare the lessons and units as carefully as I wanted to. 

One of my students showed great enthusiasm just before. He prepared a beautifully designed and carefully researched portfolio of Topics related to cultural, technological and economic globalization and climate change! He showed so much dedication. And he is also really keen to use his research for a profound intercultural conversation with my teacher friend Stephen Ritz from the South Bronx. Stephen (pictured here) is a champion of many Global Goals. When his students struggled, were mostly absent and had severe issues with regards to poverty and health, he redesigned the curriculum and started the Green Bronx Machine. His students now learn everything through urban gardening, in-door-gardening, designing roof gardens and therefore providing tons of healthy food for themselves, their families and their communities. 
I’m off now to teach German, Year 12. the course curriculum is mostly based on literature throughout the ages. We are currently in the 19th century with Büchner, Fontane and Kafka. This year I’m trying to put literature topics in the focus that are connected to the Global Goals: We are examining the depiction of gender roles in fiction and non-fiction and express our thoughts in articles. I’ll let you know how that goes!” – Mareike