School spotlight: GEMS Modern Academy

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The Basics

GEMS Modern Academy is an Indian school in Dubai. Established in 1986 it is a private elementary and secondary school.



One of the school’s four core values is World Citizenship, which emphasizes the importance of giving. Students lead and participate in charitable activities and programmes that serve not only the local community but also the wider international community in a variety of ways. During the past 55 years, the GEMS community, which includes students (250,000), parents, teachers and staff (20,000), has raised over $US 40 million for charities around the world.


World’s Largest Lesson Activities


They have been planning the World’s Largest Lesson for a month and decided to implement the programme as part of their theme-based Value Education course for Grades 1-12 – the theme ‘Mission World in support of the UN Global Goals’.


The Primary school (Grades 1-4) will have two classes every week and the rest of the school has a class per week. The lessons include social stories, role-play, poster making, slogan writing, making comic strips, debates and discussions.


The discussion topics have been divided up amongst different age groups:

  • Primary school is talking about Greed, Good health and Sharing, to relate with the global goal of Responsible Consumption
  • Middle school is discussing Climate Change and how there is a threat to life on Land and Life below Water
  • Seniors are looking at the impact of Climate Change on the world and the need to therefore make Sustainable Cities and Communities


They are also using Skype in the classroom to connect with four other schools around the world to discuss the Global Goals.


For more information follow the school on Twitter @DxbModern