Welcome to the World’s Largest Lesson Materials!

The World’s Largest Lesson is here! Lesson materials on the new Global Goals for Sustainable Development are now available in ten languages – English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, Indonesian, and Bengali on our website: http://globalgoals.org/worldslargestlesson

All the content is open source and available for you to use how you wish. We have tried to make creative, engaging content that will not only inform children about the new Global Goals but will inspire them to take positive action and help the world achieve the goals by 2030.

The following is what you can expect to find, we hope you like it and share it with as many schools and teachers as possible!

The World’s Largest lesson film

Sir Ken Robinson has teamed up with Oscar winning Aardman Animation to produce a short inspirational film that will challenge students to help fight global inequality, end poverty, and protect the planet using their very own superpowers.

‘Heroes for Change’ comic book

Leading comic book writers and illustrators have teamed up to produce ‘Heroes for Change,’ a beautiful six a page comic that introduces the goals and sets out the impact they will have as a collective. Use the comic to help inspire children to put on their ‘blue capes’ and work together to change the world.

Global citizenship lesson plans

We have an exciting collection of lesson plans that range from introducing the new Global Goals as a whole, to ones that focus on education, gender equality, violence, and many more which link to different goals. Partner organisations and teachers from around the world have developed them.

Some help from a few friends

We are thrilled to have support for the World’s Largest Lesson from Malala Yousafzi, Serena Williams, Shakira, Freida Pinto, Nancy Ajram, Kolo Touré, Neymar, Danny Alves, Queen Rania of Jordan, Hrithik Roshan, and Gareth Bale who between them have recorded introductions to the film, taken promotional photos and are front lesson plans.

We are trying to run as many lessons as possible around the world during the week of September 27th. Run a lesson if you can, or share it with someone who might be able to!

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Here are the lesson materials

Here are the lesson materials