Making Sure Children Know About The Global Goals For Sustainable Development: The Right And The Smart Thing To Do

All children, everywhere, with no exceptions, have the right to know about the world they live in and the commitments their governments make. They have the right to know about the new Global Goals for Sustainable Development as soon as World Leaders adopt them at the United Nations on September 25th. To help children learn about the goals lesson materials have been developed for all classrooms around the world by a new initiative – the World’s Largest Lesson.

The lesson is part of the Global Goals campaign, which aims to make the goals famous and reach 7 billion people in 7 days, after the goals are adopted. The lesson comprises of an animated film, comics and lesson plans, in ten languages. The materials are being distributed to schools through partnerships with UNICEF, UNESCO, NGOs, teachers unions and by Ministries of Education.

Educating children about the goals, which will affect their lives now and in the future, is not only the right thing to do: it is the smart thing to do. With 1.3billion children in the world they are a powerful collective force for change. If children know about the goals they will be able to take positive action to achieve the goals, and thus the likelihood of the world achieving the targets by 2030 becomes a lot more possible.

The lesson materials encourage children to take individual action to make positive change in their community. This can be as simple as turning off a light. The lesson materials also encourage children and young people to think about advocating their governments for change, holding them to account for the commitments they have made.

We are hoping as many children as possible learn about the goals during the week of September 27th and everyone can help. Sign up now to enable children to receive a lesson that will last them a lifetime. It is the right and smart thing to do.

Portrait of girl dressed as a superhero

Portrait of girl dressed as a superhero