School Spotlight: Argentinean-Chinese Elementary School, Parque Patricios, Buenos Aires

Esteban 4

Esteban Bullrich with students in Buenos Aires


The Basics

Founded in March, 2015, the Elementary School is the first bilingual public school of this type in Argentina, where students speak their native languages: Spanish and Guarani, Mandarin and Cantonese. Its foundation was the result of inter-governmental collaboration between the City of Buenos Aires and the Beijing City authorities – a good example of Goal #17, Partnerships for the Goals!

World´s Largest Lesson activities

  • The First Grade Class have been working on the World’s Largest Lesson for over a week and developed on the theme “The planet as our home.”
  • Participating in several creative activities over the week, the class discussed what attitude defines a global citizen, linking it to the importance of sharing, as well as what actions a global citizen can take, like working to clean the local environment.
  • At the end of the week, the students made the promise to be “Guardians of the Earth.”

A Special Visitor

The class was lucky to get a special World’s Largest Lesson to end their week, with a Lesson from the Minister of Education of Buenos Aires himself, Esteban Bullrich, and Sub Secretary Max Gulmanelli.

Minister Bullrich told us why he is giving his support:

“If in every school we talk with the students about The World’s Largest lesson, I am sure that the children and young people of today will be the generation that will actually accomplish the 3 Goals that will change the world.”

With the students he watched our animated film and asked them about what they could do to help the planet. As you can see from our photo album, they were eager to answer!

See what two of the students learnt from the Minister’s lesson when he asks them about the Global Goals in a special film he made for us – here.

Our Favourite Quote:

When asked what we can do to end global inequality, Xiaona told Minister Bullrich, “Share. If we can share, we have more friends to take care of the planet. And we have more fun too.”  Well said, Xiaona!