Day 3 of Global Action Week For Education – A lesson about Gender Equality

This is what it looks like when a #TeachSDGs Teacher prepares for a Gender Equality lesson. Let´s hear what Mareike Hachemer has to say on #GAWE2017 Day 3 of her World’s Largest Lesson instagram takeover:

Yesterday afternoon was all about gender for me and my students. #SDG5. This is always an interesting topic. Me and my students (usually) agree that violence (against women) and human trafficking need to be abolished, that child marriage is highly problematic and female genital mutilation a severe crime, but we often disagree whether it is a problem that women do most of the unpaid work like household tasks and care giving and therefore have a higher work burden and less time for recovery and learning. Also, many of my students seem to think that it’s up to the women to bridge the pay gaps and that there shouldn’t be any quotas for influential positions in business and politics. Some of the male students feel like there is discrimination against boys and men as well which is increased through any support towards women. 
With my Year 10 students I have worked on gender swap projects in Drama Education. Inspired by a video, we have worked on fairy tales, such as Rapunzel and exchanged the male and female characters. So, in their presentation yesterday, they showed a Prince, who was cursed and fell asleep for 100 years. He was finally rescued by Princess Leonie. Afterwards they reflected on the story. “It was weird that way”, they said.

My students in Year 12 wrote essays on gender roles. They started with a personal anecdote, raised questions and then researched texts from journalists and psychologists. Also, they focused on literature throughout the ages and noticed: In curriculum literature, we can only find couples that challenge the gender roles of their time. They said they’d like to focus on more modern literature, characters in same sex couples too.

We love it that there is material from The World’s Largest Lesson on gender equality and that Emma Watson is the champion. We are thankful there is material in German as well and we hope that a lot of the material provided can be translated into many languages to offer access to everyone on the planet.” #GAWE2017 #StandUpForEducation